A leaking toilet can make quite a mess. Having to mop up a pool of water around the base of the bowl is not normal. The problem can be internal or external. Below, we’ll explain some of the reasons for your toilet leaking in Northridge or your San Fernando Valley home, and when you should call for professional plumbing services.

  • The Tank Is Cracked: Small hairline cracks can develop due to wear or if something hits the toilet tank. Water may leak slowly but steadily as the tank is replenished. Replace the toilet to avoid continuing to have a sopping wet floor.
  • The Seal Between the Bowl and Tank Is Broken: A leak can occur where the bowl and tank meet. Two or three bolts connect the two. The bolts can loosen over time, or the rubber washers inside the tank can wear out. To fix this plumbing issue, tighten the bolt nuts with a wrench or replace the washers.
  • The Supply Line Is Damaged: Water supply lines can be affected by wear. Trouble points include loose or broken down joints as well as a worn-out rubber lining. Rusted pipes can become an issue as well, meaning you’ll need emergency services to fix your plumbing.
  • The Float Is Broken or Misaligned: Every toilet tank has a hollow ball, or float, that controls the fill valve based on the water level. The float can crack, and sometimes it doesn’t properly line up. If it’s not broken, the float can be adjusted; a damaged one must be replaced.
  • The Flapper Is Stuck/Worn Out: If the flapper and flush handle get stuck, the fill valve will continuously let water in the tank. When the tank continuously fills, water will overflow and spill onto the floor. Either free the valve or replace the flapper to address this plumbing issue.
  • The Fill Valve Has Worn Out: Mineral deposits can wear out the fill valve until it becomes warped. In this case, it can’t stop the toilet from turning off, so water leaks. Contact our Northridge plumber to evaluate and fix the problem to stop the leakage.
  • The Rubber Lining Has Broken Down: Your toilet has rubber linings to prevent leaking. These can break or become loose. Examine rubber linings and connections from time to time. This can determine whether to fix it yourself or contact a plumber for emergency services.
  • Improperly Adjusted Flush Valve: Toilets can develop internal leaks, evident by a dripping noise or if the unit is constantly running. An issue with the flush valve assembly is often the cause. If the valve isn’t damaged, chances are it just needs to be adjusted.
  • The Wax Ring at the Base Is Eroded: If your toilet only leaks when flushed, the wax ring at the bottom may have eroded. Fixing this problem is a complex job that requires turning off the water, emptying the tank, removing the toilet, and replacing the wax ring and reinstalling the unit. Contacting a plumbing company may be your best option.

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