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Subtle water leaks in your pipes can take weeks, months, or even years to become known-and when you finally notice it, the results can be destructive. Familiarizing yourself with the signs of hidden leaks can help you avoid major issues and damage to your home.

Common signs of leaking pipes include:

  • Sudden spike in water bill
  • Sagging or warped floors
  • Discolored ceiling
  • Bumpy paint or wallpaper
  • Sound of running water despite no taps in use
  • Water meter continues to run when no faucets are on
  • Mold or musty odors in certain areas of your home

While these may not all point directly to a leak, they are strong indicators that something is wrong with your plumbing system. We recommend having a professional inspect your pipes to identify the problem and prevent the leak from creating further damage. Lynch Plumbing provides accurate water leak detection and repair services throughout the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. We have been serving the Greater Los Angeles since 1985 and know what it takes to get water leaks under control.

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Think You Have A Leak? Get it Fixed ASAP and Don’t Risk Serious Property Damage!

Don’t think a little dripping won’t do any harm. A leaking pipe is not the same as a leaking faucet. Hidden water leaks can create serious damage in your home – and your wallet.

  • Leaks that result in burst pipes can flood your home
  • Growth of mold and mildew can affect your family’s health
  • Sewer line leaks can damage the integrity of your home’s foundation
  • Wastewater can pool around your yard and create unsanitary conditions
  • A tremendous amount of water is wasted, leading to higher water bills

If you suspect a leak behind your walls or underneath your home, it’s time to call your San Fernando Valley leak detection experts.

What Happens During Leak Detection

To repair the damaged pipe, we need to locate the source of the problem. This is achieved through leak detection equipment using various technologies. These are some of the methods we use for leak detection:

Infrared cameras: This is helpful for identifying water movement and determining the water temperature. While infrared technology will not pinpoint the exact location of a leak, it is an effective companion to other equipment such as acoustic leak detectors.

Acoustic leak detectors: Locating leaks by sound? Acoustic technology is a more accurate method of pinpointing leaks. Sensors capture any sound within the pipes. The leak is found wherever the noise is loudest.

Gas tracers: This method is used when acoustic equipment is unable to detect the leak (often due to an extensive and deep pipe or in areas with loud background noise such as industrial sites). First a mix of hydrogen and nitrogen is fed into the pipe; then a special sensor traces the gas as it escapes out of the leak. The gas is non-toxic and poses no harm to your potable water system.

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Non-Invasive Leak Detection

Lynch Plumbing takes your safety seriously. We only use non-invasive leak detection methods. Once we have located the leak, we will discuss your options for pipe repair or replacement.

Call (818) 483-0139 for a free quote on your water leak detection service in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. We’re here for you 24/7!


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