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Why Is My Garbage Disposal Not Working?


When your garbage disposal stops working, you can trust our Chatsworth and Encino plumbers to find the underlying problem and resolve it. Our licensed technicians have the training and advanced equipment to address any reason the system isn’t operating and provide prompt plumbing repair services in Encino. Some of the reasons why your garbage disposal may have stopped working include:

A Blockage Has Jammed the Gears

Rotating gears and an impeller help break up foods that you put into the garbage disposal. Eggshells, fibrous items like banana peels, and stringy vegetables like asparagus and celery can jam the impeller. It’s therefore best to avoid putting these in the disposal. The electric motor generates only so much force. When there’s a jam it can’t overcome, the gears will stop spinning. Turn the unit off, or else the motor can overheat and burn out.

You Threw Down More Than It Can Chew

Breaking down food is a garbage disposal’s purpose, but it can be easily overloaded. Only grind a little at once. Avoid washing down rice, noodles, and other foods that expand. If you need to get rid of anything that’s not food, toss it in the garbage rather than down the disposal.

Something Has Clogged the Drain

Starchy, fatty, or grainy foods can build up behind the disposal and cause a drain clog. This can prevent the unit from working properly. It may not dispose of any items, while the sink may back up or drain slowly or not at all. Running the disposal could make things worse, so turn it off and call our emergency plumber in Encino to fix the drain.

The Garbage Disposal Motor Has Failed

The motor will wear out over time. If the disposal doesn’t respond when you turn on the switch, it may be time for a new motor. Brushed motors wear out even faster. These high-torque components are more frequently being replaced by high-torque brushless motors, which are a little more resistant to wear, by manufacturers of modern garbage disposals.

The Garbage Disposal Smells

Although you think they’ve been ground up and drained away, food scraps are sometimes left in the disposal (therefore, odors often accompany clogs). Try freezing a few slices of lemon and putting them in the disposal; turn it on while running the hot water. The source of the smell may be deeper in the drain or pipe if the smell doesn’t alleviate, in which case you should call a plumber.

The Unit Is Leaking

Any leak should be addressed ASAP. It can lead to water damage and mold if not fixed, or at the very least increase your water bill. A plumber can often fix a garbage disposal leak. When fixing the source of the trouble costs more time, effort, and money than installing a new one, your plumber will recommend replacing the unit.

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Lynch Plumbing is a leading plumbing company in the Los Angeles area. Available 24/7 throughout the San Fernando Valley, we can quickly address the reason why your garbage disposal isn’t working. We’ll get it running again and perform drain cleaning if necessary, especially if food scraps, grease, and fats have made their way into the drain line. To reach our Encino plumber for garbage disposal repair and emergency plumbing services, call 818-773-9514 today.

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