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What to Expect During Sewer Inspections


Sewer inspections are often overlooked in regular home maintenance routines, yet they play a pivotal role in safeguarding the longevity and efficiency of your property’s plumbing system. These thorough evaluations are key to preempting plumbing issues and avoiding potential disasters. Below, we’ll go over the intricacies of sewer inspections, highlighting why they are essential for a well-maintained and healthy plumbing system.

What Is a Sewer Inspection?

A sewer scope inspection is a detailed examination of the sewer lines and other parts of the wastewater system in a property. It involves using advanced technology, like fiber optic cameras, to visually inspect the condition of sewer pipes. This process helps in identifying issues like blockages, leaks, corrosion, or damage caused by tree roots. Unlike traditional methods, modern sewer inspections are non-invasive and provide a clear, immediate understanding of the sewer system’s condition.

When and Why Sewer Inspections Are Necessary

Sewer inspections are not just for when problems arise. They are an essential aspect of home maintenance. Common reasons for scheduling a sewer inspection include routine check-ups, slow drains, foul odors, or as part of a property assessment for home buyers. The benefits of these inspections are vast, including preventing emergencies, saving money in the long run and ensuring your home complies with local health and safety regulations.

How to Prepare for a Sewer Inspection

The preparation for a sewer inspection is simple and requires minimal effort from the homeowner. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that there is clear access to the main sewer line, which might involve removing any physical obstructions. Once this is done, the professionals handling your inspection will take over. They will coordinate with you to schedule an appropriate time for the inspection and will arrive fully equipped with all the necessary tools to carry out the process efficiently and effectively.

The Inspection Process

Plumber prepares to fix the problem in the sewer with portable camera for pipe inspection and other plumbing work. Expert technicians follow a meticulous process to identify potential problems during the sewer inspection process.
  • Initial Assessment: The process begins with a preliminary evaluation of the property’s plumbing system.
  • Using Specialized Equipment: Home inspectors employ state-of-the-art cameras to inspect the sewer lines, providing real-time visuals and recordings of the sewer’s interior.
  • Identifying Common Issues: During the inspection, signs of tree root intrusion, pipe corrosion, blockages, and other potential issues are carefully looked for.
  • Safety Measures: Strict safety protocols are adhered to throughout the inspection to ensure the protection of both the property and the personnel conducting the inspection.

Understanding the Results

After the inspection, a comprehensive report detailing the findings is provided. This report typically includes digital footage of the inspection and an explanation of any issues detected, ensuring that the homeowner has a clear understanding of the sewer system’s condition and any potential concerns.

Post-Inspection Steps

Based on the inspection results, tailored recommendations are often offered, which may include immediate repairs, further evaluations, or suggestions for regular maintenance. Sewer inspectors are equipped to provide solutions for any issues uncovered. They also often advise on preventative measures to help homeowners avoid future sewer problems.

Secure Your Property with Expert Sewer Inspections

Regular sewer inspections are a critical component of responsible property maintenance. These inspections not only help in identifying current issues but also in preventing potential future problems. If you’re in the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles areas and seeking reliable, expert sewer inspection services, look no further. We at Lynch Plumbing are committed to providing top-notch sewer inspections and solutions tailored to your specific needs. Don’t wait for a plumbing emergency to strike. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive sewer inspection and ensure the health and efficiency of your plumbing system!

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