Piping & Repiping Services

Weather and time take a heavy toll on your pipes.

Over the years, your once beautiful and functional pipes become rusted, corroded antiques, and this affects the quality of your water that you use every day to stay clean and hydrated. This is a problem. And it needs to be fixed before it turns into something much worse and harder to repair or maintain, costing
you a fortune – both in time and money.

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Knowing When To Repipe

It’s really difficult to notice the deterioration of your pipes over time. They’re underground, in between walls, and under sinks. And frankly, not all of us go looking for problems we can fix in our home. But damaged pipes are a safety hazard, and there are other ways to make note of their decline.

Call the plumbers at Lynch Plumbing when you experience:

  • Frozen Pipes: Look for signs of ruptured pipes such as strange sounds and misplaced moisture.
  • Brown or Yellow Water: You’ll know this when you see it. It’s the product of rust.
  • Flakes in Water: These are tiny pieces of the pipes themselves breaking off into your water.
  • Brown or Yellow Stains in Sinks & Tubs: Your water is leaving behind traces of its bad health.
  • Decreased Water Pressure: There’s a build-up in your pipes, causing water to trickle instead of pour.

Some of these will be more obvious than others. For instance, it’s easy for a lot of people to look the other way on stains in the tub – it’s been a part of your apartment for as long as you can remember. But it truly is a plumbing problem, and fixing it now could save you a massive overhaul in the future.

We’re the team to call when you’re looking for plumbers who:

  • Prioritize customer service
  • Give you accurate estimates and timelines
  • Keep themselves and their workspaces clean
  • Are fully trained, experienced, licensed, and professional

If you’re looking for an entire piping job for a new home or business in construction, or you think it’s time you have your older, corroded pipes looked at by a professional, Lynch Plumbing is the team to call.

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