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Lynch Plumbing provides residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing services across Pasadena, CA. You can count on us in a plumbing emergency or whether you’re building, expanding, or remodeling your home or business.

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01 24/7 Emergency Plumbing

Our Pasadena plumbers are equipped to deal with a burst pipe, failed sump pump, broken water heater, or drain/sewer backup in a timely manner. The goal is to get your plumbing working and avoid water damage cleanup or expensive property damage.

02 Toilet Repair

A running toilet can waste water and be a sign of a significant leak. If your toilet makes constant noise, is visibly leaking, or has a crack, our plumbers near you can fix or replace it to quickly get your bathroom in working order again.

03 Plumbing Fixture Repair

Our licensed plumbers specialize in sink repair, especially if you notice a drop in water pressure or increased noise. Faucet repair may be needed if water pools up around them. And whether you have a bad seal or a faulty P-trap, or need shower repair, our technicians can resolve the problem fast.

04 Drain Services

Slow drains can’t always be fixed with home remedies, and commercial products can cause more harm than good. Fortunately, Lynch Plumbing specializes in advanced drain cleaning methods like mechanical drain augers and water jetting to get your drains flowing again.

05 Leak Detection and Repair

It’s frustrating when the water pressure drops, the walls and ceilings look wet, or you hear running water but don’t know where the problem is. We use hi-tech equipment to find the source of potential leaks, minimizing the amount of demolition work and allowing us to correct the issue fast.

06 Sewer Inspection and Repair

For plumbing issues that stem from your sewer system, we can use video camera inspection to find them. Our plumbers are pros at sewer line and excavation work. We’re trained in traditional and newer methods of repair that don’t require digging.

Full Service Pasadena Plumbing Company

Lynch Plumbing is a leading provider of residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing services in Pasadena, CA. Not only do we address any plumbing issue around the home, we can also deal with any matter, big or small, in your commercial business. That includes fixing clogged drains in your restaurant or retail store. Our team can install grease traps to protect your plumbing or perform water jetting as routine maintenance to keep your pipes free of buildup. Today, we offer the same high-quality service in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley that we have since 1985. Our technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

We’re able to repair, install, and replace all types and sizes of fixtures, pipes, and equipment such as sump pumps and water heaters, and we work with industrial clients as well. Industrial facilities require different types of equipment than other customers. But if you need pipe replacement, a new water or sewer line, gas line, or sand trap, Lynch Plumbing can get the job done thanks to our engineering expertise and dedication to quality service.

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Plumber on the kitchen

Plumbers Near You, Whenever You Need Them

We offer a wide range of emergency services and can dispatch plumbers to your location in Pasadena, CA at any time. Whether you have clogged drains and need our Pasadena drain cleaning team to get your kitchen or bathroom functional again, or have a backflow problem, our technicians will troubleshoot and fix the underlying issue. The problem may be with the water pressure in your home or a blockage, break, or tree roots in the municipal sewer line. Whatever the case, you can count on us to resolve it fast and avoid more serious situations.

The pipes in your home or business carry all the water you use. In new construction and remodeling, pipe installation and repiping is an important job. It requires selecting the right materials and products as well as installing the proper connections and fittings. At Lynch Plumbing, our team is familiar with every aspect of the process and the many types of pipes available. We can even install and repair gas piping, especially when there’s a potentially dangerous gas leak.

From dishwasher installation to garbage disposal repair, we can ensure your plumbing appliances are all in working order. An installation error can lead to costly damage. But instead of a quick DIY job, call Lynch Plumbing for professional service that ensures your system is properly installed and tested. Fixing a garbage disposal yourself is often unsuccessful—and dangerous—but we can quickly resolve common issues and make any type of repair.

Our Pasadena water heater repair and installation professionals are also here to help. A lack of hot water is not the only possible impact of a malfunctioning water heater. The risk of fire or carbon monoxide exposure is real as well. We can fortunately fix and adjust the appliance as needed and perform maintenance such as flushing the tank of sediment. If you’re open to a newer, more efficient solution, we can install compact tankless water heaters that use much less water and energy.

No Problem Is Too Big or Small

Our licensed plumbers can literally fix anything. When you notice a change in your plumbing, just call us and we’ll quickly test the system and determine the source of the problem. We can replace pipes and complete leak repair quickly. Video pipe inspection can be used to find where the damage is; once it’s found, we can employ non-invasive methods to repair pipe from the inside. And if you have a multi-tenant apartment or large business that is being built or remodeled, our team can manage the process from start to finish.

A Commitment to Reliability and Efficiency

While customer service is our top priority, we are here to ensure your plumbing is as reliable as it can be. With so many high-efficiency solutions available on the market, our team can make suggestions and help your home or business benefit. High-efficiency water heaters, toilets, and sump pumps are just a few examples. We can provide heat pumps as well. Drawing latent heat from underground or a nearby water supply, these move heat from one place to another instead of generating it, so they use less energy than, for example, a furnace.

Plumbing code violations are an inconvenience. But they can be resolved. At Lynch Plumbing, we are familiar with all policies of the Department of Buildings and Environmental Control Board, which are intended to keep you safe. We can quickly and effectively address mistakes made by other plumbing contractors to ensure your plumbing system operates in accordance with the latest regulations and standards. When we’re done, your plumbing will be fully up to code.

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We are the leading Pasadena plumbing company for 24/7 emergency services, leak detection and repair, drain services, toilet repair, and sewer line and excavation services. We accept many forms of payment and include a one-year warranty on labor and materials. You can count on our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers to address all your plumbing needs. Learn more or request residential, industrial, or commercial plumbing services by calling 818-773-9514 today.